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Manual On Writing An Introduction To A Dissertation

Writing an introduction to a dissertation may be the last thing you do after compiling the entire paper. Though it appears at the beginning, it should capture what you paper is all about. As such, you need to have an idea of what you have written in your paper.

The introduction should be the most enticing part of your work. It invites the reader and introduces him to your thoughts. By reading the introduction, one must feel compelled to go through the entire paper. How then do you capture the attention of your reader using the introduction?

  • Use a Story
  • Human beings are captivated by narratives. They want to hear what happened and the outcome. This is what makes stories to be captivating. A story will immediately capture the attention of your reader. Choose a story that relates to the topic you wish to discuss. Make it short and later relate it to your thesis statement. The story may be known from new items or may be a creation. It will now be upon you to create a realistic relationship between what happened in the story and your topic of discussion.

  • Quote an Authority
  • There are people who are known to be authorities in different disciplines. For instance, when writing about philosophy, quoting Plato or Aristotle centers your discussion. It captures the attention and imagination of a reader. The authority could also be an institution, regulatory body, researcher in the field, etc. The quotation should be relevant and must serve as a sign board to the direction you wish to drive the discussion. However, you could make a quotation to negate an assertion.

  • Give Statistics
  • As the saying goes, numbers don’t lie. Statistics are based on extensive research and are difficult to refute. Use statistics that are not obvious and which will get your reader thinking. Dissertation introductions anchored on statistics give an impression of a writer who read widely. Make sure that your sources are credible.

  • Be Controversial
  • Can you imagine a person refuting claims made by such researchers as Hawkins, Darwin, Louis Pasture or Alfred Russel? This approach jacks a reader into action, wondering what evidence you have to counter such academic pillars. It is a way of creating suspense. To succeed in maintaining this curiosity, you must justify your controversy.

The secret to writing dissertation introduction perfectly is to find a hook that will entice your reader. Work on it after completing the body of your paper. This will give you a better view of what is covered and thus make it inclusive and interesting to read.