Writing Tips


Creative ideas that will help you write a good dissertation

Submission of your dissertation paper is critical for getting the degree you desire. Typically you will be judged and graded according to the paper you submit, so writing a god dissertation paper is of prime importance. Here are some ideas that will help you to write a good paper.

Selecting the topic

Your selection will largely decide the outcome of your paper. Before selecting you need to consider -

  • The research ability of the topic - both theoretically and practically.
  • The relevance of the topic.
  • Reaction on the topic from your dissertation guide or faculty.

Planning the dissertation

You need to plan how to go about the dissertation before you start your research. In involves -

  • Identification of the possible major components of the topic and a plan for them.
  • Identification of the method of research most suitable for the paper.
  • Discussion of the plan in details with your guide and according modifications.

Plan a work schedule

  • Chalk out a work schedule for the entire work.
  • Use an organizational chart or a suitable software or app for the schedule.
  • Identification of possible grey areas and planning for contingencies both in terms of resources and time.
  • Plan with ample time in hand to avoid last minute panic.

Plan your writing

It is important that you write your paper but it is more important that you also revise and edit what you’ve written regularly. To write a good dissertation you should be able to–

  • Maintain the format prescribed by your institute
  • Write in a simple but clear language
  • Avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes throughout the paper.
  • Adhere to the main topic and avoid redundant information.
  • Get feedback on your writing from your guide regularly.

Plan your presentation

Your dissertation also has the research data and analysis in support of the text you’ve written. Plan the whole presentation with respect to –

  • Identify the high points of your dissertation and think how to highlight them.
  • Be elaborative and illustrative without being boring.
  • Spend more time in writing the abstract, introduction and summery of the paper.

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