Writing Tips


Creating Strong Dissertation Titles About At-Risk Students

There are numerous dissertation titles you can choose for your paper, but only a few will help you produce a captivating paper. What makes a title better to write about than another?

  • Fresh- a lot of papers have been written on risk students. Repeating a topic that has been covered time and again will not add any value to your paper. The only time you can be allowed to repeat a topic that has been covered in the past is if you have new materials or a more interesting perspective to cover the subject.
  • Relevant- a good topic must show relevance. For instance, marketing dissertation titles must be on the subject of marketing. Relevance also means covering an area that is within your academic scope. Check your course outline and consult your supervisor to know the extent to which your topics should go. A relevant topic is challenging to the writer and interesting to cover especially during research.
  • Interesting- academic work should not be boring. It is the interest you generate with your title that will encourage someone to read beyond the title or introduction. Choose a topic that arouses curiosity and generates debates. One of the ways to make your topic interesting is to frame it correctly. Use words deliberately and phrases that assign meaning to words. By reading your title, a person should generate more questions than answers.
  • Specific- a title must clearly indicate where you intend to take the debate. It must cover a specific area, time line, subject, etc. A paper that is too general denies you the opportunity to explore the subject in a satisfactory manner. By reading your title, for instance in history, a reader should know the years, century, generation, etc you intend to cover.
  • Strong- the strength of a topic is in its ability to address a subject in a satisfactory manner. For a topic to be regarded as strong, it must be researchable. This means that materials on the subject are available. The study must also have an impact on the society.

Here is a list of interest criminology dissertation titles to base your paper on.

  1. The growing risk of cyber crimes
  2. Treatment of your offenders
  3. Dealing with domestic violence cases relating to children
  4. The fairness of police stop and search procedures
  5. Populism and the idea of incarceration
  6. Female offenders and the influence of their background
  7. The hypothesis of domestic violence meted on men
  8. Enhancing security using police community officers
  9. An economic interpretation of defiance behavior
  10. Sibling harassment and its effect on juvenile offenders
  11. Building trust between society and law enforcers for better security
  12. The role of marginalization in rise of criminal activities
  13. When objects left behind distract other than aid investigations

It is not enough to have a good topic for your paper. You need to find relevant materials that support your topic. The details you include on your title must relate with what is in your body. This is meant to satisfy the curiosity or meet the expectations of a reader generated from reading the title.