Writing Tips


Choosing Winning Topic For Phd Dissertations

What is the big deal about a single line yet you will write thousands others after that? The answer is in what that line does to your PhD thesis or dissertation. It gives the reader directions on what the paper is all about. It also indicates the perspective from which you intend to cover the subject. This will either make the reader curious or dampen his hopes of reading anything meaningful. The reception your paper receives will be determined by the topic you choose. Here are excellent topic suggestions for your dissertation for PhD.

  • Leadership
    1. How is the school system nurturing leaders for tomorrow?
    2. Do individual leaders have a mentorship responsibility?
    3. What example are present day women leaders setting?
  • Technology
    1. Is social media making people more social or otherwise
    2. How possible is cyber security in the wake of open sourcing
    3. The perfect time to introduce children to technology
  • Business
    1. Political changes in US and impact on liberal markets
    2. The disruptive role of social media in PR
    3. Healthy remuneration strategies in the wake of open information
    4. Should workers be motivated to meet company or individual goals?

    Browse around this site for more PhD dissertations topics on different disciplines. There are overriding factors about choosing a topic that cut across disciplines. Considering these factors in your work enables you to generate a captivating title that raises the profile of your paper in crowded academic circles.

    • Uniqueness- choose a topic that has not been studied before. There is no value or reward in repeating what other people have said.
    • Current- deal with present day issues and challenges. Do not imagine things or pick a subject from the past. It makes your paper boring.
    • Specific- a preview of your title should give the reader an idea of what is being covered. Do not make it too wide that the paper is shallow or too narrow that you lack materials.