Writing Tips


A fresh dissertation topics list for students of all levels

Writing any dissertation is a difficult task to do in university for students of all levels, however if you do not know what topic to even pick you are going to have a hard time. To picking the subject you are going to base your paper about is very important, because this can decide if you are going to have an easy time or a hard time doing the project. For example if you pick a title that you already know about you are defiantly going to have a much easier time than picking something new to you. With that thought in place have a look at these topics that just might help you decide what you can write about.

  • How much has global warming effected out world?
  • Did the United States have to nuke Japan or could that of been avoided?
  • How has the Chernobyl accident affected the Baltic States?
  • Should kids be allowed to have the latest smart phones?
  • The seven wonders of the Earth.
  • Will we ever find the technology to do deep space exploration?
  • Is evolution a myth or is it really real and explain the changes it might have in today’s world.
  • Are computer games good for you what benefits do they or don’t they have?
  • What was the longest period the world hasn’t had any war or conflict?
  • How do you think the world would look right now if Germany had won the Second World War?
  • Should we destroy all the nukes on planet earth to make peace with each other?
  • What would happen if Russia and the United States were to have an all-out nuclear war?
  • Should we make the death penalty legal again?
  • Should we give prisoners a second chance?
  • Can lifting weight cause more health problems than anything else?
  • How will the economy look like in 100 years from now.

Your grade is more important than anything else, because this could determine what job you will have in the future. So pick something that is easy yet interesting to do, since this is what can land you that top mark that everybody wants to have. Remember that you can get help with thesis online if you got stuck.